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What Have Others Said About Working With Lakeisha

Edward Surratt

Email: edwardl@edwardlenterprises.com | Website: www.edwardlenterprises.com

Before working with Lakeisha, I was facing a lack of speaking engagements. I struggled with my inability to ask for referrals from previous clients, as well as family and friends. This caused a little doubt into what I really thought my passion was, and I was on the verge of quitting. Lakeisha helped me become more aware that everywhere I went, I was surrounded by potential clients. I was able to speak up more about my business everywhere I went.  

The result of working with Lakeisha McKnight has been overwhelming in that I have consistency in my speaking engagements, and I'm able to fill my calendar months ahead. Without Lakeisha's help, I would have quite on growing my speaking business.

Regina Mixon

Email: info@godsstorehouseministries.org | Website: https//:www.godsstorehouseministries.org  

Prior to connecting with Lakeisha, I shamefully confess I was dealing with a lot of fear. I say shamefully as I constantly encouraged others to not allow feat to hinder their dreams and visions. The fear of totally and completely stepping fully into the manifestations of my businesses was due to the fact I had stepped out before, left my "comfortable" job pursuing my visions and went through hell...Literally.  

Not stepping out was causing so much pain and frustration. I continually felt like I was stuck and torn between two lovers...The love of the comforts of my job and the love of the dreams and visions. Trying to do both just absolutely wore me out.  

Since working with Lakeisha, she not only has encouraged me but also taught me in so many ways how I can fulfill my purpose. Lakeisha not only said repeatedly I can do it, she has also taught and shown several different ways to make it happen.  

Because of Lakeisha's teachings, I am now in the process of letting go of my "job" and fully working my ministries/businesses. As a result of Lakeisha's services, I am in the process of doing a book tour in several different states, completing a couple of books that were started a few years ago, and so many other wonderful things.  

Without Lakeisha's ongoing teachings, services and encouragement, I would still be stuck-- vacillating between staying on a job or going full time into my purpose for this season. Because of Lakeisha, I am now ready to fully embrace my new season and walk the walk I have talked for so long and I am forever grateful. I am stepping up, stepping out and stepping into my new season...Fearless!

Elizabeth Fair

Email: EbethFair@yahoo.com

Before working with Lakeisha, I had a pretty complex business structure. I have a lot going on under one umbrella. I didn't have a business strategy that was built on the principles of God. It was a difficult task to explain what I do to others. People could see the indecisiveness and got turned off pretty quickly. Since working Lakeisha McKnight, I realize that I can maintain structure. I have been following Lakeisha for some time now, and I noticed this...with all of the aspects of the ministry that she shares with us, she keeps it all together. She manages to focus on what she is focusing on at the moment, move on to the next, and the next. And, when she puts it all together, its a powerhouse.  

Working with Lakeisha has helped me slow my mind down so that I can focus. As a result of working with Lakeisha, I obtained a better vision into my destiny. Without Lakeisha's help, I would have been walking around 'my mountain' trying to make an 11-day trip.

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